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Dick's Towing, Inc. has the professional crew, tow trucks and equipment for every situation.

At Dick's Towing, we continually train our staff and invest in the right equipment to safely service our clients in every challenging situation. From quick response vehicles to help with lockouts and jumpstarts to our 60 ton Rotator or airbag recovery trucks, we’ve got you covered. We also provide transportation for specialty vehicles, aircraft, tanks, collector cars and anything else that needs extra care when safely being transported on our roadways.

The Dick's Towing Fleet

We have 70+ fully equipped trucks of all sizes ranging from flatbed and wheel-lift trucks, to both 50 & 75 Ton Rotators, 3 Landoll trailers, 2 spread axle trailers, drop deck trailer, 53ft dry van, 53ft Reefer trailer, 5 tractors, airbag recovery and an emergency support truck.

Class A Light Duty Tow Trucks

Tows and winch out passenger cars, pickup trucks from disablement, whether mechanical or collision. We have many 4x4 units for off-road and snow use.


Quantity in fleet: 16

Flatbed Tow Trucks

Towing of all wheel drive vehicles; vehicles that are immobilized (missing wheels due to accident theft, etc.) tow specialty cars, classics, exotics, high price, police evidence.


Quantity in fleet: 16

Class B Medium Duty Tow Trucks

Tows and winch out vehicles with a heavier gross vehicle weight (GVW) from disablement or collision. Also used to haul small and medium motorhomes or units needing 5th wheel attachment, delivery trucks and larger vans.


Quantity in fleet: 4

Class C Heavy Duty Trucks

Tows and winch out dump trucks, rail trucks, semi’s, vactor trucks or anything heavy duty. Used in recoveries, offloads and many others.


Quantity in fleet: 5

Landoll Transport

These trailers offer a low clearance load angle and use of upper deck for misc equipment and great for hauling articulated buses. We primarily use them to transport school buses, city transit buses, generators, large forklifts, fire trucks and much more.


Quantity in fleet: Tractors - 4 / Landolls - 2 / Trailers - 3

60 Ton Rotator

Recovery and towing of heavy duty trucks, equipment. The boom on a rotator spins 360 degrees, much like a crane, enabling us to have unparalleled access in very difficult areas.


Quantity in fleet: 1

Incident Response Vehicle

Equipped for immediate dispatch for major incidents or jobs requiring specialized tools or additional equipment.


Support Equipment

Dick's Towing has an assortment of specialty support equipment like dozers and forklifts to assist in various recovery situations


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